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Live Simply so others can Simply Live

I was browsing through some videos earlier and I somehow ended up in the weird part of you tube. again. Watching this video really makes you realize how much you miss out on appreciating the small and big things in life, when its gone everyone reminisces and takes a path down memory lane only to regret not fully expressing yourself. Give thanks and be a reason someone is thankful.



Live Simply so Others can Simply Live


What is something you always talk about, but never do?

So its been a good two years since I first thought of getting a tattoo,  it lingers through my head every time i see someone sporting theirs but I never really hits me to when I should get one. A few years ago some buddies and I  mentioned getting similar tattoos that would represent something significant and we laid out the ideas each one had but we never came to a consensus about  what the perfect tattoo would be of.
Easier said than done right?
To this day none of us have gotten anything imprinted in our skin, and although I know exactly what I want, I cant seem to ever catch myself actually visiting a local shop to get it done. I think that part of it has to do with the fact that once its there its permanent. What about the artist? I’m always sketch about places and the person, but that normal I hope when it comes to tagging your body up.
I always talk about it but never do it. But I don’t want to do it and never want to talk about it.
              What about you? Do you have something you always talk about but never seem to do? I hope i’m not the only one with this tattoo dilemma.